Professional Compactor Inspection

Compactor and Baler InspectionYearly, is the normal time interval for a professional to inspect the entire machine. Since the machine is metal with moving parts, it should be checked for signs of metal fatigue. Metal rubbing against metal, must be checked for wear. Often a simple correction can save a considerable amount of money. Shore Compactor Baler Service offers a 37 point preventive maintenance checks and services program.

Similar to an oil change for an automobile, the hydraulic fluid level in a compactor or baler should be checked and/or changed. There is also a filter/strainer in the hydraulic system that should cleaned or changed. When removing the fluid, the technician tests it to see if there are any metal particles in it. Excessive metal particles can be a sign of problems. The technician should then check for signs of wear, as well as correct the system pressure that operates the ram for proper waste material compaction.